Commercial Air Conditioning Services throughout the East Midlands

Stator Aircon is a leading East Midlands-based Commercial Air Conditioning specialist. Our Air-Con Engineers are the leading force in AC for offices, light industrial units, and education establishments throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and the wider East Midlands region.

Why Commercial Air Conditioning?

With increasingly hotter summers, one of the only ways to guarantee the comfort and productivity of your workforce is to provide a stable, comfortable climate. Although there are no legal limits to workplace temperatures, for example, the TUC stipulates that people work best at a temperature between 16 and 24 degrees Celcius.

When workplaces get too hot, employers need to consider more than just output and productivity. Taking into account that, for the first time in history, 2022 saw temperatures in the UK topping 40°C. This level of temperature can bring on the start of delirium and confusion. Additionally, blood temperatures at this level of heat can even prove fatal or bring about permanent organ damage.

Whether the quality of your produce, products, or machinery is subject to a controlled environment, or whether your premises host at-risk groups, like the elderly, young people, or individuals with any form of health condition, controlling the environment of your premises should take a high priority.

Commercial Air-Con Technology

A/C technology has come along leaps and bounds in recent years. Although UK energy costs are soaring, and globally, air-conditioning units contribute to global warming, the technology behind today’s commercial Air Conditioning units is advancing. Last year several AC manufacturers shared the top award at 2021’s Global Cooling Prize. This international competition focuses on developing more climate-friendly AC solutions.

The Stator Aircon team is proficient with all types of Air Conditioning systems and can provide a solution to suit all locations, and all business types, and to cool any volume of people, stock, machinery, or products.

Window Air Conditioners

For smaller rooms, as the name suggests, these units fit into the window of a room. With a lower up-front cost, units work on a cycle basis, meaning that they cool a room, and then switch off once the set temperature is reached. They will then reactivate once the temperature begins to rise.

Portable Air-Con Units

Easy to move and with less set-up effort, Portable Air Conditioning units may be an easy option, but they do require installation in conjunction with a window kit. Portable AC units draw in warm air, cool it, and then return it to the room. There are single and double-hose options, dependent on your overall cooling requirements.

Wall-Hung A/C Units

Available in both split or multi-head AC, these units are ductless. Consisting of two units, one remains inside, and the other is situated on the outside of your building.

Ducted AC

Also known as Central Air Conditioning, Ducted A/C units integrate a compressor on the outside unit, with an internal system that takes cool air to multiple rooms throughout your property. The aforementioned means that, although ideal for larger office spaces and organisations, Ducted AC units do require significant modification to your premises.

Because the compressor system remains outside, Ducted AC operates very quietly inside. Think back to the last time you used a hotel, as an example. Your room was more than likely cooled using a Ducted Air-Con system.

Air Con Repair, Maintenance and Servicing Throughout the East Midlands

As well as providing the latest in Air Conditioning systems to East Midlands organisations, Stator Aircon also provides Air Con repair and maintenance work throughout Derby, Nottingham, Mansfield and Chesterfield. From basic repairs to system cleaning and overhauls, you can choose from ad-hoc work, or take up one of our competitive Air Conditioning maintenance contracts, ideal for organisations where business is dependent on temperate, hospitable, and safe temperatures.

About Stator Aircon’s A/C Team

Stator Aircon comprises a team of Aircon Engineers who are all highly trained, qualified, and experienced. Located throughout the wider Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Mansfield, Chesterfield, and Burton-upon-Trent region, an Engineer can be onsite in next to no time.

Stator Aircon is a highly-accredited Commercial Electrical business. Stator Aircon is an NICEIC Approved Contractor, is part of the City & Guilds scheme, is Part P Electrical Safety scheme-registered, is a member of the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme, TrustMark-registered, and is part of the Safety Scheme in Procurement. Besides association with these leading industry schemes, Stator Aircon also maintains a program of benchmarking, education, and training, ensuring that all staff members are ahead of all technologies and legislation. This includes safety training, best practice, and of course, all of the latest Air Conditioning systems, solutions, products, and parts. 

Find Out How To Cool Your Workplace Now

To find out more about the Air Conditioning options available to your organisation, a Stator Aircon Engineer is within reach of all businesses and organisations throughout the East Midlands region. A site visit will enable Stator to understand your requirements and your premises, offering you an Air Conditioning solution that you and all who visit your organisation can rely on, comfortably, effectively, and safely. Click here to speak to a member of the Stator Aircon team now!